Find Out More About Your Options for Inducing Labor

Medical Induction

“Is it safe for my doctor to induce my labor”? “Why would my doctor induce my labor”? “What are the risks associated with labor induction”? These are all questions pregnant women have when they are told their doctor would be inducing their labor.

Medical inductions are alarmingly common today: based on data released by the US Centers for Deases Control and Prevention (CDC) more than 1 in 5 women were induced in 2006. Some experts believe many inductions go unreported, and estimate that the actual induction rate is about 44% (this number is based on surveys of OB-GYN professionals and new mothers).

But these numbers don’t mean much unless we talk also about:

  1. why and when is labor induced?
  2. how can doctors induce labor?
  3. what are the risks of medical labor induction?

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